kula: grouping together, community


Yoga Soup - Santa Barbara yoga studio on the surface, journey to the truth beneath inside

Purusha Yoga Studio - I taught here. I learned here. I danced here.

Yoga Tree Potrero - Accompanied by Physical Therapist Harvey Deutch of Red Hawk PT, an incredible studio for yoga therapeutics

ODC & Dance Mission - Afro-Brazilian, Release, Hip Hop classes for days in San Francisco


Podcasts that change lives. There is now no car ride, commute, or walk too long.


Presented by the Love Serve Remember Foundation, a collection of Ram Dass's dharma talks over the past decades. Will automatically shift your mood, and probably your life.


"Getting to know this Wondrous Thing We Live In", movement and manual therapist Brooke Thomas interviews somatic thought leaders on embodiment. This podcast has me squatting, crawling, viewing my body "in the round", and is forever changing my perception of movement. 

Metta Hour Podcast with Sharon Salzburg

Everyday Buddhism. Just put it on.

Katy Says: You are How you move

Katy Bowman is the founder of Nutritious Movement. She has me walking barefoot, hanging from trees, and touching new textures every day.

Be Here Now Network

So many goodies -- take a look :) Podcasts, Courses, Live Events from teachers a part of Ram Dass's community. Lama Surya Das, Krishna Das ... find your favorite.


Farms I've lived on, worked on, or just simply love.

ROOT DOWN FARM - raising the healthiest animals possible in the most humane way while regenerating the land. If you are ever to eat meat, it better be from here!

STEADFAST HERBS - Two incredible women who provide homemade Seasonal Shares of medicinal herbs to wherever you are. 

BLUE HOUSE FARM - San Francisco Bay Area goodness

FLY GIRL FARM - Beautiful Ladies


Books, Articles, and Blogs

Tracy Bleier - "No Matter What"... my teacher's writings

Jules Mitchell - blog by biomechanist and active restorative yoga teacher