Beauty is Doing Just Enough.


Enough is a word I struggle with. Every day.

Am I doing enough? Am I moving enough? Have I eaten enough? Have I given enough?

Enough is the point of equanimity. Enough is where yes meets no, where active meets passive. Enough is the place of the infinite, where form meets formless. Enough is the home of beauty.

People will try to define enough for you. It happens all day. They will ask how much you are working, how much you are running, how much you are making. They will unconsciously set standards upon you. More More More says the Media. Go Go Go say the signs. 

There are no signs for Enough. No indication of where this place is. 

So what is enough? Where is enough? And can we each find that place of enough for ourselves?

We are the only ones who know what Enough is for ourselves; the only ones who can balance ourselves, the only ones who can accept the peace in knowing we are Enough. The path I have been taking is to observe myself. See where I am flirting with Enough, with Alamkara, and watching how I act when I surpass this point.

On my mat this plays out as physical stress. Am I breathing throughout a whole pose, throughout a whole practice? Am I trying to catch my breath? Am I listening to an inner intuition to take a child’s pose? Am I accepting exactly where I am in a pose, and not pushing too far into a twist? Am I engaging in the beauty of each moment, or striving and reaching for something?

Can we accept that we are Enough? Just Being, Just Breathing, Just Flowing, can we rest in Knowing that it is Enough?


I define enough as the place where my breath flows freely, and I can rest in the house of beauty.

What do you define as Enough?