How Does Your Garden Grow

I visited the farm I used to live and work at last week. (Root Down Farm. Best place in the world.)

Newly arrived chicks were chirping through the morning fog. New piglets were munching fresh grass seed pods brought by the winter rains. My friends were preparing to put dahlias into the earth.

I too have sown my seeds, and watch with giddy excitement as each seedling pops its head up from the soil on my windowsill, knowing these plants will grow to feed my neighbors in summer abundance.

Spring time inspires intention; inspires planting the seeds of our choice, deciding on the bounty of seasons to come. Of taking our winter reflection, recollection, and planting something new. Not only in the ground, but in our selves as well.

So what is it you would like to grow? What seed is it you want to nourish?

Perhaps the seed of community. Or adventure. Or compassion, new directions, stability, grounding… of deciding for yourself.

At the most basic level: If you do not plant seeds, your garden does not grow. You shall have no bounty to share. Weeds will spring forth— old habits, stale projects, relationships that no longer serve you. You will latch on to the gardens of others around you; you will eat from others’ plates. 

But fear not, the spring rains are still a-fallin and there are plenty o’ seeds to go round.

So what is it you shall plant in your windowsill?