Where Can We Begin

Oh where can we begin

When we see the world brand new again

The touch of rain upon our chin

Oh where can we begin


Oh where can we begin

Let in all our wild intuition

Breathe the gust of wind and let it in

Oh where can we begin


Oh where can we begin

The grass that walks on sides of mountain

The rock that stands in waves of sin

Oh where can we begin

The world again, Brand new again


When I feel stuck, I do the following:

I follow my wild intuition. I take a hike, I do not think, I do not decide, I just Be Guided.

And so, yesterday I found myself sitting in trees, sloshing though puddles, picking bouquets of wild shrubs and flowers. I found my headache gone, my neckache gone, and in their place a healthy, hardy hunger for the ruggedly beautiful.

I was at Land’s End. World’s End, as far as I could tell amidst the fog curtain. And at the End I began once again.

I saw waves rolling over unbudging rocks, steep slopes of pebble-strewn coast springing anew with moss and grass. I saw Ireland, I saw England, I saw Greenland… I saw all these places I’ve never been in the wonder of this very moment.

I saw my six-year-old self, not yet knowing how amazing this world could be… how transformative, how perfectly whelming. I saw her life build to this very moment, this re-cognition and re-turn to natural beauty. I saw her looking at me, reflecting her. 

And there I stood. Letting the rain carry the tears of life down my face. 

Beginning again.