My Body is Not an Object to Fix.

Life has been a true ride lately. New ideas, practices, and people flowing through with the changing seasons. I am currently left approaching my body in a new way that I feel inclined to share.

My body is not an object to fix. Something to align so I can be a better _____.

Rather, my body IS me. The pain, aches, and beauty in my body cannot be separated from the aches, pains, and beauty of my life… of my life’s experiences, of my thoughts, of my heart.


I have a confession. I have secretly been on the path of yoga to heal my body. 

The thing is, yoga does not care. Yoga has much grander plans. 

The truth is, through yoga I am healing my life.

I am learning about myself. I am cultivating an attitude of curiosity rather than judgment. Instead of good or bad days with my body, now there are just days. Instead of meeting my body with disappointment, and thoughts like “I can’t believe that knee is hurting… Why can’t I run like I used to?” I meet my body with excitement, with intrigue.  Instead of blaming the car, or that stretch, or that run for my body’s pain… I am simply conversing with my body. I am allowing it to guide me, to teach me all I do not know about myself.

It is a journey with myself, to myself. For the first time in a long time, perfect is not the final state. The journey is the final state, the ultimate destination.

And so, each day my body meets me with a different face, a new attitude. Each day, I get to know her in ways I hadn’t the day before. The beautiful, beautiful body, just ready to be explored.

I meet my body (which is really meeting myself) with wonder.

What happens when we meet our body over and over again in the present moment? 

As far as I can tell, We Dance.

And dance, and dance, and dance.