Give the gift of experience.

Give the gift of relaxation.

Give the gift of retreat.

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The perfect at-home retreat for anyone, anywhere.

ReTreat Yourself includes one evening full of yoga, meditation, and relaxation.

All yoga classes and meditations are provided online. You will receive a PDF version of the retreat to gift your loved ones in person or from afar.

Available now through Cyber Monday for 25% off! 

ReTreat Yourself: Holiday Special
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Give the gift of relaxation. An evening retreat for your loved ones that includes a yoga class, meditation for sleep, & relaxation, all in the comfort of their own home. The perfect holiday gift for your sister, mother, girlfriend, or loved one <3

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ReTreat Yourself
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One-day at home yoga retreat including: Morning and Evening Yoga Classes, Guided Meditations, Health-Conscious Recipes by Incredible food bloggers, Constructive Rest Practice, Tea & Journaling Exercises, Poems & Passages ... & much more in the spirit of Playlists, Podcasts, and Love.

One day you finally knew what you had to do, and began
— Mary Oliver

now including unique, catered recipes from Seek Satiation & Want Honey With That!



What level and style of yoga classes are taught in the retreat?

The morning class is an advanced beginner - intermediate level, with the potential and space to make it an advanced practice should you choose. The evening class winds down from an intermediate level to a restorative level accessible to most embodied individuals. You can view my "Home Base" page for information on the style of yoga classes. They are alignment-based vinyasa of a Hatha/Anusara origin, influenced by yoga therapeutics.

How do I receive the retreat?

Upon purchase, you will receive a PDF download of the retreat with links to a private web page of retreat resources. All video and audio recordings, as well as reading material is provided on the private web page.

What if I can't finish the retreat in one day?

You will have access to the ReTreat Yourself Resources private web page forever (!), which means you can access the online yoga classes and meditations as many times as you please. Your PDF download link expires 24 hours after your first download, so as long as you do not delete it off of your computer, it is yours. 

How do the recipes work? I don't feel like cooking.

This is YOUR retreat :) You can do as much or as little of the offerings as you like. Health-conscious recipes, courtesy of amazing vegetarian food bloggers, are provided as an option. You do not have to cook if it does not suit you. The recipes were created with the hopes that you would already have many of the ingredients in your pantry. 

Is this a technology detox? 

It is up to you. If your relationship with your smartphone or with the internet is getting in the way of hearing yourself, then I encourage you to leave it behind today. That said, the retreat resources are provided via the internet. This can be an opportunity to change your relationship to your technology; using it as you need instead of getting caught up in how it catches you.

The day after the retreat, should you have any photos, drawings, or words to share, I encourage you to share them via #retreatyourselfyoga to inspire our community.