I came to yoga broken. 

Years of back pain, doctor bills, and diagnoses. I felt my body had betrayed me. Not a good feeling for a dancer who derived her freedom from body movement.

It wasn't yoga that healed me, but learning the how of yoga. How I got into poses. How I spoke to myself while in those poses. How to practice. How to take this practice off the mat. All these details together have given me the knowledge and patience to heal myself. I teach in order to pass that on to other people. No one should feel that the fate of their bodies is in other people's hands. The fate of your body is your own.

This journey has brought me to Regis University where I am pursuing a doctorate of physical therapy. I am a body nerd who loves the science and the art that lies within our bodies. I bring a background of twenty years of dance and over eight years of yoga training to my teaching. But really, I bring an adoration and love of the body. I have worked through many movement forms, injuries, and healing modalities to better understand what this hunk of love I carry around with me is capable of! I carry a fondness for anatomy, a taste for good food, and an obsession with tropical forests thanks to my time studying at UC Berkeley.

My training is of Hatha Anusara origin, a system composed with universal principles of alignment, a life-affirming philosophy, and the celebration of community. My education continues with a focus on therapeutic yoga. 

The long list of body healers, massage therapists, yoga teachers, dancers, physical therapists, acupuncturists, and herbalists that influence my teaching will always continue to grow.


It is not what poses you perform in a class but how you perform these poses. Alignment-based vinyasa classes focus on proper body alignment to promote optimal body function. You will learn how to properly perform yoga poses that heal and strengthen your body. You will learn to newly articulate and re-pattern parts of your body. 

We will work together to get your body aligned and working for you once again, while recognizing that it is the cracks through which light enters. 


  • Doctor of Physical Therapy student, Regis University

  • The Incredible SI Joint, Kathryn Bruni-Young & Jules Mitchell

  • RYT 200 hr Training at yogapata with Mitchel and Tracy Bleier

  • RYT 100 hr Therapeutic Yoga at Yoga Tree, San Francisco with Harvey Deutch

  • Yoga Biomechanics and Asana, Jules Mitchell online

  • Thai Yoga Bodywork Purusha Yoga, San Francisco

  • Soulful Module Advanced Teacher Training