"Tara is my local yoga instructor. She does an amazing job at connecting important things in my life to my body. She not only guides body specific movements but also teaches you why we need them in our practice. She provides clarity not only in the body but in the mind as well. She has a comforting approach to the practice that is not intimidating for beginners but can be easily taken to the higher levels. I highly recommend investing time with Tara you will leave each session a better person!" -Zoe F. 

"Tara is an amazing yoga instructor! Takes time to make sure everyone is doing positions correctly. She took time out of her day to give me some personalized instruction since I have had back problems at no extra charge. She is a very dedicated yoga teacher." - Ari M.


"Tara DiRocco is an *amazing* yoga instructor! Her background in dance, her passion for deepening her understanding of physical anatomy and Chinese medicine, broadening her knowledge with other healing modalities such as Thai massage, and her familiarity with holistic healing practices makes her a deeply intuitive instructor with *refreshingly clear teaching voice. She had me, an on and off yogi for ten plus years, aligning my poses in distinctly better feeling ways with immediate results. Sighs of relief and contentment are common in her class... Her alignment based classes don't lack any soul though, as they often do at other studios. Each class has a gorgeous mediation written by her that remarkably, directly connects to what we can consider in the body as we're practicing. She's big on meeting yourself where you are, which is very humbling for me and comfortable for new students- being a dancer, she's had her fair share of injuries, etc. She won't push anyone beyond their limits of that day. She's a beautiful soul that shines through with humor and clarity. Don't miss out on her class!" -Annie B.

"Best teacher I've ever had! Both spiritually and physically, she not only knows the body's mechanics beyond just a yoga teacher but can connect with you on a deep and emotional level as well." -Aimee H.

"Tara is incredible! She's passionate about her practice and makes everyone feel at ease in her class. Her voice is soothing and produces a calming ambiance. I always feel relaxed yet energized after experiencing a full body workout. Would 100% recommend her to a friend." -Aly D.